Ivana Peters – biography, аuthor of music and lyrics

Ivana was born in Belgrade. She has been in the music world since she was a child, since she finished both primary and secondary music school. At the age of 15, she started singing in the group named "Who Is the Best", dealing mostly with rap music, with which she recorded two albums in 1994 as its singer.

Being less than twenty years old, she performed at the "Belgrade Spring" festival, drawing attention to herself by her outstanding performance and voice. After the festival, she joined the group "Tap 011", one of the most popular groups in the country in the nineties, with many radio chart-busters. With this group, she recorded 3 albums and participated in numerous festivals.

Afterwards, she left the group and formed her own rock band "Negativ", with which she has recorded 3 albums so far. With these albums, she became an accomplished author, composing and writing lyrics for most of the group's songs.

In 2004, at the "Beovizija" festival, she won convincingly, having performed the song "Confused" (Zbunjena). The following songs also found their way to the top of music charts in the country and region: "I Would Dream About You" (Ja bih te sanjala), "The World of Sorrow" (Svet tuge), "Tango" (Tango), etc.

Both the listeners and music experts love her, since she is considered to have one of the best female voices in the region. She is currently working on her first solo album in the studio.

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