Danica Radojičić - Nina (biography)

Nina (Danica Radojicic) was born in 1989 in Belgrade. She expressed her musical talent at a very early age.

When she was six years old, she enrolled in primary music school "Vatroslav Lisinski" where she finished the piano and solo singing section. In the following years, she had attended at the same time secondary music school and regular high school. She graduated from high school as a valedictorian and is now an excellent student in the third year of the Faculty of Pharmacy.

Nina - Čaroban (wav format)

Nina - Magical (wav format)

Her first public appearances as a vocal interpreter and later as a singer/songwriter are related to the Children's Cultural Centre and competitions called "Zlatna sirena (Golden Mermaid) where she was a three-time first prize winner and once received a special reward. She also won several times the first prize for interpretation and composition at the "FEDEMUS" competition.

Since 2003, she participates in national music festivals where she wins first prizes, as well as in regional festivals. She also participated in festivals abroad, such as "Coventry Peace Month" in England or "Srebrna Jantra" festival in Bulgaria where she was awarded first prize for interpretation.

In February 2010, she started a band called "Legal Sex Department" and has taken part in the Belgrade club scene more and more often as a lead singer.

In this year's competition for Serbian representative at European Song Contest 2011, on the national television (RTS) show, Nina sang a Kristina Kovac composition. It is interesting that Kristina chose her to perform the song "Čaroban" (Magical) at the last moment. She watched her videos on You Tube, decided to call her to make a test recording and had right away understood that Nina was the best solution for the song. With her specific interpretation, voice quality, young energy and charm, Nina has captivated not only Kristina, but also a wide TV audience. Even though this was her first appearance at this kind of festival, she won a convincing victory and rightfully represents Serbia in Europe.

Her musical influences are Muse and Duffy as well as other musicians of pop and alternative genres.

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