Team for Baku

Ksenija Milošević,
violin and back vocal

Ksenija Milošević was born in 1982 in Belgrade, Serbia. She has been playing the violin since she was four years old. Ksenija graduated at the Belgrade University of Music and got her Master's degree in 2005.

She participated in a large number of international festivals and has won numerous awards and recognitions. As a solo violinist she has played with the most recognized Serbian orchestras. She has been a permanent member of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra since 1999. She has been a concertmaster for three years and is an active member of the chamber ensemble "Double sense" in Paris with whom she has recorded a CD for the European market and with whom she is performing all over Europe.

In 2006. she participated at the "Eurovision Song Contest" in Athens representing Bosnia and Hercegovina with Hari Mata Hari and won third place.

In 2007. she has participated with Marija Serifovic at the "Eurovision Song Contest" in Helsinki where she was back vocal in the song "Molitva" and was part of the winning team for Serbia.

Olga Vulović,
violin and back vocal

Olga Vulović was born in 1978 in Belgrade, Serbia. She has graduated from the Belgrade University of Music, specializing in violin.

Since she was three years old, she has been a member of the famous children's choir "Kolibri" and has won various singing competitions as well as performed on big pop music festivals. As the back vocal and a violinist, she has performed with a number of big singing stars from the territories of Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia and Montenegro.

Miloš Nikolić,
clarinet, kaval and backing vocals

Miloš Nikolić graduated clarinet at the Belgrade University of Arts (Faculty of Music). He is a musician of wide interests.

As a clarinetist he won the highest national awards and has performed as soloist and orchestral musician. Special attention is given to chamber music. He is a member of the "Pokret" Trio ("Movement") that performs the works of contemporary Serbian composers.

More than two decades he is engaged in Byzantine music, its theory, practice and notation. He led the Byzantine Choir and they gave concerts throughout Europe and also released several compact discs.

For many years he has been studying Serbian, Balkan and Oriental music tradition. He plays bagpipes and kaval. He is also the first kaval professor in Serbia and teaches at the "Mokranjac" Music School in Belgrade.

Miloš collaborates with musicians and artists of various profiles. He sings and plays with Pavle Aksentijević and with "Ved" Trio. He records music for films and radio plays. In 2004 he participated in "Eurovision Song Contest" in Istanbul with Željko Joksimović with the song "Lane moje" which won second place.

Dušan Alagić,
back vocal and instrumentalist

Dušan Alagić was born in 1982 in Belgrade, Serbia. He is a composer, song writer, music arranger, producer and an instrumentalist performer. He studied at the Belgrade University of Music  with specialization in ethnomusicology.

Since his youngest days he begun displaying interest in the violin, that was his first instrument, as well as the guitar and keyboard. In the last years he has been intensively working as a studio and concert instrumentalist.

In the last five years, he has collaborated with many national and Balkan stars as the author and has won many first prizes. The songs that he created have achieved huge popularity on Serbia's pop scene. He is the owner of his own music studio.

Dušan Alagić also appears as the author in many documentaries, short films and children's music. He is the producer and arranger of the world's first movie in which children with autism are performing.

Dragan Krstić,
percussions and back vocal

Dragan Krstić was born in 1979 in Zajecar, Serbia. He was raised in a musical family and developed an interest in music from an early age. He studied the piano and drums at the same time and performed with his own rock band at the "Zajecar Guitar Fest" when he was 12 years old. "Zajecar Guitar Fest" was the biggest rock event in the country at the time. Two years later he won at that same festival and recorded his first album.

Since coming to Belgrade in 1996, Krstic has collaborated with many famous musicians and bands, performed with the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra"and acquires vast experience as a studio musician. Since 2002 he has collaborated with Zeljko Joksimovic with whom he represented Serbia and Montenegro at the "Eurovision Song Contest"  in Istanbul ( 2004 ) with the song "Lane moje".

Marina Tucaković, songwriter

Marina Tucaković is one of the most famous songwriters of the most popular songs in the Balkan region. She has a successful 35 year career under her belt as a songwriter having written over 4000 songs that have been performed by the most famous artists in Serbia and in the ex-Yu territory. Over 15 million albums have been sold with her signature on them. The song "Love is not a thing" is only the second song in her career that she has written for the "Eurovision Song Contest".

Miloš Roganović, songwriter

Miloš Roganović was born in 1976 in Belgrade, Serbia. He graduated from the  Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Belgrade.

As a child, Roganovic played the accordion and later on - a guitar. He was a member of a few popular rock and pop bands. Even though he graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry and works as a dentist, his talent for writing songs and music has enabled him to establish a serious and long lasting collaboration with big Serbian stars as well as stars in the region. A very special moment in his career was the invitation from Zeljko Joksimovic to work together with Marina Tucakovic and write a song thereby creating an opportunity to participate in the "Eurovision Song Contest".

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