Promotional material for ESC 2012

The Serbian entry at the 57th "Eurovision Song Contest" in Azerbaijan is called "Ljubav nije stvar" a song composed and performed by Željko Joksimović. The lyrics are by Marina Tucaković and Miloš Roganović.

Along with the version in Serbian written by Marina Tucaković and Miloš Roganović, the English version of the song called "Synonym" by Ljilja Jorgovanović has also been presented. The arrangements of both versions were done by Željko Joksimović and Alek Alekov.

Along with Željko Joksimović, the Serbian team on the Eurovision stage in Baku will include members of the "Ad Hoc Orchestra":

Ksenija Milošević - violin and backing vocals, Olga Vulović - violin and backing vocals, Miloš Nikolić - kaval and backing vocals, Dušan Alagić - backing vocals and instrumentalist, and Dragan Krstić - percussions and backing vocals.

You can download Željko Joksimović's song here (mpg).

The postproduction and mastering of "Ljubav nije stvar" in Serbian, and of the "Synonim" version in English was done James Cruz, an award-winning audio-mastering engineer in his New York studio.

James Cruz has nine "Grammy" Awards under his belt. He has worked with many show-business greats: Beyonce, Puff Daddy, Mary Mary, Lil Wayne, Nina Simone, etc. In his career Cruz did the audio-mastering for more than 400 albums many of them winning either a gold or platinum certification. He also worked on the film "The Lord of the Rings".

Listen to the new versions of the song "Ljubav nije stvar" (wav).

Here you can also download promotional photos formatted for printed media.

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